“Falling for the wrong one”

Falling for the wrong one”

Have you ever wondered why we always fall for the wrong ones,  time and again? The ones we are not meant for, the ones who have the utmost potential to break us down, the ones that make us face our demons write in our face and yet we fall for them with all our heart and soul sometimes knowingly with all our consents and utter confidence, but most of the time without our control over it, just like that… as a matter of flow without the slightest hint of the horror that awaits. And in few very rare cases the mixture of both where we know it’s not worth it but still there is a little soft voice inside us which whispers to give it a try, to trust it all and most of the time convinces us over all our dominant consciences.

And I have always wondered why this happens to me, to you and everyone around us… and why can’t we just fall for the ones whom we are meant for. Why isn’t it easy to find the love of our life? Why doesn’t it happen the way they show it the movies..?  and I realize this right in this moment that if I hadn’t fallen for the wrong one I wouldn’t have ever discovered the fact that I could write. I realize,  that we ending up into the mess of our lives invokes the dreamers, the writers, the poets, the thinkers, the painters, the musicians within us out of nowhere. I am not saying that you need to break down to become all of that but somehow being broken gets me a step closer to my soul and its understanding. Moreover I have never known the feeling of urge to write when I am with the right one and that possibly could be because I have not found the right one yet… but all I am saying is all these form of art makes us celebrate our sadness, sorrow in such a grand way that it gives this small ray of hope amongst all the darkness , it gives me a little rush of adrenaline mixed with a pinch of self esteem that I  had lost before and assures me that this is not the end..  there are many more wrong ones to go and many more pages to fill until I find the right one.☺


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