Dear Random Guy

Dear random guy

Who helped me in the parking lot that day, I fell for you because there were about a 50 men around, a few of them were my friends and yet it was you who helped me. You really made my day. 

Dear random guy

Who flashes a broad smile every time you see me, I fall for you because it feels great to realise that my mere presence makes some one happy.

Dear random guy

Who sends a good morning text everyday, I fall for you because every day right in the morning you make realise that people still remember me. It’s very sweet of you.

Dear random guy

Who sends absolutely absurd comments about my DP, I fall for you because every time you do that it tells me that, there is someone taking pains just to open my contact, to see my DP. It’s for your absurd comments that I change my dps…

Dear random guy

Who took extra pains to get that one perfect cup of tea, I fell for you because you exactly understand my obsessions and put efforts for me without judging me over it. 

Dear random guy

Who calls to check on me if I have reached home safely, I fell for you right in that moment because you really care about my wellbeing. You make me believe in humanity and that humans are worth the effort.

Dear random guy

Who makes me believe a little more on myself, I fall for you every time you say I am smart because you restore my beliefs on the fact that it’s the personality and brains that count and not the faces that we flash.

Dear random guy

Who sees me as a beautiful girl…  who could go about breaking hearts, I fall for you because you make me feel pretty. Those small compliments really matter as they boast my self-esteem.

Dear random guy

Who told me ï wasn’t complicated, I fell for you not because you gave me fake hopes… no I know the fact that I am complicated… but for being nice to me in that moment because that was what I exactly needed.

Dear random guy

Who motivates me to study regularly, I fall for you because you understand this world and want what is the best for me. You understand my ambitious soul and make me believe it.

Dear random guy

Who thinks I am amazing when all I do is be rude and Bitch about everything around, I fall for you because you understand the frustration I have and relate it to yourself.

Dear random guy

Who keeps making future plans with me , I fall for you because  I know you would never give up on me. Because you believe that we share some parts of our future together.

Dear random guy

Who entertains my stupid writings and poetry, I fall for you because you make me feel talented and special and make me believe that I could still take up writing if I wanted to.


Do not try to figure out which one of these is you because you will never know.  Trust me I fall for each one of you every time you are nice to me. I fall for you guys on daily basis but you know what,  I am NOT in love with you, not even a single one from you

Because the guy I am in love with hardly exist for real and still I chose him over each one of you.  I don’t fall for him. I am blackout in love with him because .. Because I don’t know why… he feels like the soul food, because he sounds like the reason why it didn’t work out with anyone before… may be because HE WAS MEANT FOR ME. But you know what the sad part is, it never feels like as if I was meant for him.

And what’s worse is he doesn’t even feel real to me these days, may be because he isn’t… because I spent far too much time on fantasying about him and his features that I have lost the real him amidst all the imagination.
But this post is not about him, it’s about YOU guys who still keep me going through all the mess, you random guys: strangers, classmates, friends, and brothers.

Dear Random Guys YOU are worth more to me than The One.


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