Sunset over a sunrise

Have you ever experienced one of those days when you are travelling and you see this magnificent view of the sun setting, leaving behind darkness and the ever beautiful gloom? Okay, now I know calling gloom beautiful is kind of weird. But there is this strange beauty associated with gloom, which leaves you with a smile on your face and a sinking heart at the same time, but the main reason why I call it beautiful is because somehow in between this whole ‘walking dead’ age, it makes me feel alive and for that matter makes me realise that .. It is still not over… we aren’t as robotic as we think… and we are still left with those meaningless feelings which we thought we have left behind. That specific state of mind where you know you are sad because of many variable reasons but then you are happy for yourself as for a fact that you still alive on the inside.

Anyway, so on one of those days I posted a picture on my Instagram saying nothing is more beautiful than a sunset and one of my friend texted me saying a sunrise is..! And then I thought about it. I know for most of the people both do not have much difference but for people like me (the restless mind) it’s a whole new topic to think about. So if I had to compare them both the major difference is, sunrise is all about the change. Change which is extremely necessary, change that keeps us going in life… But then at the same time change that is utterly painful and breaks you down. A change can never be beautiful, necessary but not the best that could happen to you. On the other hand sunset is all about the endings, the smooth slow closure of one of the part of your lives so that you could take a break from the lights, from the main stage, from all the drama around you and just lie down for a while to appreciate yourself and life around you. And the best thing about sunset is the pace with which it settles down, at first with spectre of colours which then slowly withers off to to a duller version and finally meets the darkness,  exactly like how our lives are. Now again, I am not saying life is a negative thing that finally becomes dark. I am just saying that endings are always dull, dark and sinking but they are beautiful in their own way. And the fact doesn’t change that only when you could end something completely, only then could you start something new. So no matter how necessary, important and positive sunrises sound they get all their glory from the darkness that was left behind by the sunset. The same way how we realise what real happiness is only after being down for a while.

So what I am trying to say over here is that no matter how low, sad, upset and let down you are feeling right now, it is just to build up the glory and enhance the feeling of happiness, certainty and satisfaction that you would feel in the coming future. So for now just take a seat, sip your coffee whiling watching your sun set with all its glory and later on you could just lie down appreciating yourself and prepare for the new beginnings.


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  1. Hello Vinayashree, beautifully put into words. A sunset brings with it a strain of melancholia for me too. It is a time for reflections and contemplation. Glad to have come across your blog and thanks for dropping by mine. Cheers.

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