That day I came back home all tired and exhausted from all the crap human interactions I had to go through in college(like always), I skipped my lunch and went directly to sleep only to wake up in an entirely different world. I woke up to a bright yet dull version of an evening and stepped out in my balcony and just like that all my frustrations were gone in that very second.

 So People keep asking me why I am so obsessed with clouds, rains, sky and weather in general. So here it goes…I woke up in an entirely different world… I stepped out and the cold calm wind took my coat of worries and frustration off my shoulder… all the lush greens around exchanged high fives and hugs with excitement because finally it was THE time… the birds flew around chirping and singing songs of joy and amidst all the happiness the clouds poured their heavy hearts out with great glory and in symphony. One could see the pain of holding it on for so long and graciously letting it all go, one could smell the earth accepting its long lost lover, one could hear the tress bathing in happiness turning every green into greener, one could feel the gloom spreading across and yet leaving everything it touched happier than ever.

Now all that sounds very poetic and dramatic. But frankly if monsoons can’t turn you into a poet than I don’t know what will. For most people rain is about love but for me rain is more about the gloom and heaviness and the winds. Now of course I won’t deny the fact that deep down inside even I am a hopeless romantic and every time it rains, it makes me cringe a little because I try every bit of myself to deny the existence of love. But that is not all of it. The reason why I love rain is primarily because I have many great memories associated with it (not romantic ones). It reminds of the time when everything was just fine, when everything was under control… time when you jumped in puddles of water not because you were 5 year old who could do it but a 15 year old who wanted to do it and did it… it reminds of the time when I lived freely and quiet literally lived it.

And secondly and more importantly I love rains because somehow it makes me believe that things will be just fine. The gloom, frustrations, sorrows and worries that we are carrying around will eventually dissolve and for that matter you will enjoy each one of them before letting them all go and at the end you will be left with a great sense  of peace and relief. The falling water, thrusting sound reassures that beauty lies in the act of letting it all go, falling apart and still standing straight through all of it.

I know all that is too deep and doesn’t make much sense, but what I want to say is other than being a romance catalyser, rains and clouds are more about motivational sessions for me. Starring at the clouds and infinites makes me realise, how small we and our problems are and there is so much more to think and do about rather being stuck with our tiny, worthless issues. And if not anything than just sitting and starring at them(clouds) is worth more.







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