Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage


How is it different?

So I read this post on the internet about what romantic relationships are and how they are in the beginning... and how they are all about the butterflies and heart racing, excitement and looking into each other’s eyes and the little moments and etc. It was really nice as it explained how its contrary to what generally people say about them, so this post is my version of how thing are different..

One More Round

To most of the people around me anxiety isn’t even a real thing, mental health has always been a petty issue in our country and I don’t know when we as a nation are going to overcome that. I don’t understand why mental health is dealt with ignorance. our mental state is a part of our body as much as other system are.


That day I came back home all tired and exhausted from all the crap human interactions I had to go through in college(like always), I skipped my lunch and went directly to sleep only to wake up in an entirely different world.

Guarded Girl

Yes, I am a guarded girl.  Most of the people assume me to be a heartless bitch or too practical of a person, some think that I am super chill to consider emotions,

Lonely Nights

I know that sounds very dramatic and melancholic but trust me these lonely nights are the most peaceful thing to me in the world. and I will tell you excatly why...

Sunset over a sunrise

Have you ever experienced one of those days when you are travelling and you see this magnificent view of the sun setting, leaving behind darkness and the ever beautiful gloom?

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